Conducting training courses for hotel staff

Today, customers pay special attention to the quality of services, and this has made them base their choices accordingly.
Since human resources and their excellence are integral components of guaranteeing the quality of services in businesses, attention to continuous growth and improvement of their abilities should be taken into consideration. Obviously, expert human resources with high satisfaction can guarantee the choice of customers, therefore, the development of expert human resources through educational planning and implementation of effective training has always been able to guarantee the improvement of the quality of organizations' services.

Rexan Company According to its mission, which is to create platforms for the development of active human resources in the field of tourism, Rexan Company intends to present a plan for the development of employee training programs in accordance with the announced policies. Therefore, the purpose of presenting this plan is to develop a codified, coherent and effective employee training program in the short and medium term.
According to the organizational structure of Karvanica hotel in Kerman, the training courses are divided into two parts Professional Each of the people according to their organizational positions and courses Behavioral and general With the approach of developing skills that all employees in all organizational positions must successfully complete.