Opening of Vakil Kerman Caravanserai Hotel (Karvanica)

Karvanica Hotel (Vakil Caravanserai) Kerman was put into operation with the presence of the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.

Dr. Ali Rahimpour The CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Rexan International Hotels Group stated that Vakil Kerman Caravanserai Hotel has a capacity of 162 beds with an area of 11,000 square meters and 4,000 square meters of infrastructure. Vakil Caravanserai is the largest collection of inner-city caravansaries in the world, which is located on the edge of Shariati street in Kerman and is located near Vakil market in Kerman, which dates back to 170 years ago.

In the opening ceremony of Karvanica Hotel (Vakil Caravanserai) in the presence of the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, the Governor of Kerman said: Kerman province, having five airports and very good capacities in the field of tourism, including seven world-registered works, has unfortunately not been introduced and remains unknown. .

Mohammad Mahdi Fadakar added: Although good things have been done in the field of tourism in Kerman province, but the tourism of this region is lost under the roof of mines and agriculture, and it is hoped that this industry will come out of exile in Kerman province.

Also, Dr. Mohammad Reza Pourabrahimi, the representative of the people of Kerman in the Islamic Council, said in this ceremony: Any province that has the possibility of absorbing more of the facilities of Note 18 will be allocated to that province, and from October this year to November of next year, 20 thousand billion tomans are possible. Note 18 credit absorption exists and it is hoped that Kerman province will be more active in this field.

 Fereydoun Faali, Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Kerman Province, considered using the capacities of the province in the direction of revitalizing and restoring the historical monuments of the province as one of the priority programs and invited investors and economic activists to invest in the field of tourism.

The construction of Vakil Kerman Caravanserai started in 1277 by the order of Mohammad Ismail Khan Vakil-ul-Mulk Governor and was completed in 1287 by his son Morteza Qoli Khan Vakil-ul-Mulk.

Vakil Caravanserai consists of two floors and houses 120 stalls, which has two entrance doors to Vakil Bazaar, and the entrance door of Vakil Caravanserai, which opens into the market, is decorated with beautiful plasterwork and tiles, and the second entrance of the caravanserai which is located on the outside of the Vakil market, has also been decorated with tiles.