Kerman, 20 Shariati Street, next to Police Station 11

Restaurant Karvanica Boutique Hotel in Kerman

The restaurant at Karvanica Boutique Hotel evokes nostalgic memories reminiscent of the kitchens in old homes, blending with the artistic architecture from the Qajar era. The high ceilings bear witness to the countless joyful and memorable moments experienced by thousands throughout history.
The restaurant at Karvanica Boutique Hotel provides a cozy and inviting environment, ideal for enjoying meals in a tranquil yet luxurious setting.
In the arrangement of this restaurant, two styles have been embraced: traditional and classical. Guests can enjoy their meals in either setting based on their personal preferences.

At Karvanica Boutique Hotel Restaurant, a variety of Iranian and international cuisines are served. Additionally, guests can indulge in a colorful buffet offering the aroma of authentic Iranian cuisine. This restaurant is renowned as one of the best in Kerman, known for its high-quality dishes and creating memorable moments suitable for every taste and preference.

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