Kerman, 20 Shariati Street, next to Police Station 11


Karvanica Boutique Hotel in Kerman

The Vakil Caravanserai (Karvanica Hotel) in Kerman is the largest two-story caravanserai in the urban areas of Iran, which dates back to the reign of Ismail Khan Nouri Vakil al-Molk.

Its construction was started in 1865 by Ismail Khan and was completed and brought into economic operation by his son, Morteza Khan Vakil al-Molk II in 1870.

How Did it begin!

The story of Karvanica Boutique Hotel in Kerman traces back to the years 1898 to 1905. It was during this period that the construction of a two-story caravanserai, famously known as Vakil Caravanserai, began under the orders of Mohammad Ismail Khan Vakil al-Molk, the governor of Kerman at the time. The endeavor was completed by his son, Morteza Gholi Khan, in 1908.
Since then, the Vakil Caravanserai served as a place for relaxation, economic transactions, and social and political interactions of the people of that time, maintaining its function until the early Pahlavi era. However, with the progression of urban development and the construction of new buildings, it gradually transformed into an abandoned monument over time.

بوتیک هتل کاروانیکا کرمان

Restoration and Conservation

In the year 2017, Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Group (SEMEGA) started the restoration and revitalization of the 150-year-old Vakil Caravanserai. While preserving the authenticity and essence of the caravanserai, the primary concern of this organization was to restore its historical, architectural, and functional features.
This achievement was realized through the continuous efforts and endeavors of this organization, resulting in the transformation of this caravanserai into a shining gem in Kerman. Its central location in the city, proximity to historical monuments, and being the closest hotel to Vakil Bazaar are among the special privileges that distinguish Karvanica Boutique Hotel.
Following the restoration, the management of the largest two-story caravanserai in the world was transferred to the Rexan international hotel and tourism holding.

This hotel boasts approximately 4000 square meters of courtyard space and two northern and southern eyvans (Persian balcony), creating an appealing atmosphere through authentic Iranian architecture, various tilework, and mosaic work. Karvanica Hotel offers a beautiful and majestic environment with 57 rooms and 152 beds.

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