Kerman, 20 Shariati Street, next to Police Station 11

Rooms Karvanica Boutique Hotel in Kerman

Each of the rooms at Karvanica Boutique Hotel represents an Iranian flagship room with an arrangement inspired by the neoclassical era of the 18th century. The use of materials crafted from beech wood adds an unparalleled warmth, intimacy, and comfort to the ambiance of each room. Paired with colored glasses that, with the sunrise each morning, fill the rooms with a spill of dreams and a rainbow of colors.
Each of the 57 rooms in Karvanica Hotel is equipped with all the necessary accommodation and leisure facilities, as our goal is to create a unique and unforgettable experience for you.

Connecting Room

The Connecting Room at Karvanica Boutique Hotel is designed for family and friendly gatherings. Accommodating up to 5 individuals, it includes 2 double beds and 1 single bed. This beautifully arranged room spans 42 square meters, including two separate spaces connected through a door and a wall, which create a private and intimate atmosphere. The entire decor of the Connecting Room is inspired by elements of Iranian design, offering a desirable and inviting environment. One of its distinguishing features is the comfortable and charming seating area, perfect for enjoying pleasant moments with friends or family. Among the services and features of this room, the following can be highlighted:


 A reservation for the Connecting Room at Karvanica Boutique Hotel includes breakfast.

3 & 4 Bed Rooms of Vakil Caravanserai

Rooms adorned with Iranian turquoise and red colors, offering a beautiful view of intricate and ancient tilework from a time when the caravanserai was filled with hustle and bustle. What remains today is nothing but tranquility, comfort, and an unforgettable memory. The interior design and arrangement of these rooms are captivating, evoking a sense of pleasantness. The Iranian quality and influence are evident in every element of the 3 and 4-bed rooms of Saraye Vakil at Karvanica Boutique Hotel. Each room is equipped with 1 double bed, and depending on the capacity, it includes either 2 single beds or 1 single bed. Among other facilities, these rooms include:


The size of these beautiful rooms is 42 square meters, and a reservation for each of them at Karvanica Boutique Hotel includes breakfast.

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